Interview before the utmb : nuria picas

By Nuria Picas, winner of The North Face ® Transgrancanaria 2014

Why did you choose to take part of the UTMB® this year?

In my opinion the UTMB® is a special race, it is the ultimate long-distance race, the one I always wanted to run... I dream of winning it. Moreover, it is part of the Ultra Trail World Tour circuit, which I am out to win in this first edition.

How will you prepare yourself for it ? Are there changes compared to the other years?

The preparation is basically the same as always, no secrets there. The idea is to run up training hours and compete during the season. It is also important to know the route very well and work on other important aspects, such as psychological fortitude, as well as your diet.

What will be your goal?

This is a race that you have to run with your heart, and by that I mean if you run it thinking in terms of numbers you might not even finish it. Just actually getting to run in it is a godsend, finishing it is incredible... making the podium is a goal, while winning it would be a dream come true.

It's got to be a race that you have set your heart on. Because if you just think of your time, numbers and distance, maybe you won't finish.

What do you fear during the race?

I am worried that it might be really gruelling! Last year it seemed to last for ever, it was my first 100-miler and there were stages that I did not enjoy and had a bad time of it. Even so I ran below the time I had set myself and did 24h 32'. Now I am more experienced, and I hope that this will work to my advantage.

How will you organize your refuelling (when, the products...) ?

You have to eat and drink something every hour We have studied this very thoroughly, and my food intake is based on Overtim•s products, such as Gatosport and the 640 liquid meal, which are my main supply of nutrition. I also carry gels, and mainly combine Energix with Antioxidant and Coup de Fouet. Liquid intake is basically Long Distance and water.

What do you think about your first part of the season ?

I am really satisfied with the way things are working out, I have notched up three wins in three races in the Ultra Trail World Tour, Transgrancanaria, Mount Fuji and The North Face® 100 Australia, and am the current leader, which was my objective. I could hardly have got off to a better start

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