Interview fernanda maciel

By Fernanda Maciel, Ultra traileuse

Fernanda Maciel tells us about her The North Face© Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc© 2013. Discover her mind and her preparation :

How many times have you done the UTMB ?

I've done the TDS Ultra Trail du Mont blanc in 2009 (1st place), in 2010 (4th place) and in 2012 (7th place).

I tryed the UTMB also in 2011, but I've had a problem and I stopped at the kilometre 130. At that time I was in the 3rd position, but I could not complete the race.

What's your best / worst memories on the race ?

My best memorie was when I won the TDS race in 2009, because I had a hard injury in the begginning of 2009 and I thought that I couldn’t do the race, but I recovered in a short period of time and I was able to race the 110km + 7.000m desnivel positive and I finished in 1st position.

My worst memorie was in 2011. I was in 3rd place at UTMB and I need to stop because I didn’t have more energy to continue... I was feeling really bad going to the toilet and vomiting for more than 10 hours, I couldn’t run anymore.

What make this race different from the others ?

Many things: the route, the magic Mont Blanc mountain, the racers that come from everywhere, the professional organizers, the atmosphere of Chamonix and the mountains around that incredible UTMB event. It's a hudge event and the most beautiful race for me when we talk about Ultra Trail.

What's your goal (classification, time)?

I've just twisted my ankle before an important Ultra Trail race in Dolomites (Italy) last I had to stop to run and I come back to my hard training last week. This year I'm not racing the UTMB race, is too short time to be ready for that. But I'll race the CCC (100km + 12.000m). My goal will be enjoy and try to complete the race. I'm sure if I do the all race and give my best I'll get a good position. But my objective is to cross the finish line.

What's your biggest "fear" during the race ? more rain and snow please.....

Who is/are your contender(s) ?

Myself! Always is myself, because the mind is my best and worst contender. Well, about the girls I have many, but I prefer to not think about it. I try to focus in myself, to give all my best during each moment of the race. If I can be able to do that, then I feel that has value and I feel as a champs.

Can you describe your preparation ?

I have a coach, so I follow a planning of run, bike and some yoga sections. Then I like to do meditation and reiki therapy.

And could you tell us what you will do the days before the race (nutrition, sleep, trainning, others activities) ?

I take care a lot about my nutrition plan and sleep. I like to make a new order to OVERSTIM.s to make sure that I have many kinds of products to test it in my long trainings before the race. But one week before the race, I like to do lot of meditation, I like to be in the mountain and sleep well.

How will you organize your refueling ?

I have a support crew from The North Face team always with me during the race. They stay on the areas where I can have support.

On the start area, who/what have you in mind ?

I just think how lucky I am to be in that place and in that present moment, I’m so grateful. Then I ask help for the sky to bless me during the race.

And on the finish line ?

I don’t think. I observe my feelings how positive, deep and happy they are, I just enjoy.

As a women runner, do you race "against" men, or do you just focus on the female classification ?

I race "against" myself. If I'm in front of all the girls I feel more motivation, if I'm in front of the men, is the same. But I don’t really think about it. I try my best, the result are the consequence!

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