How to recover well

By Marion ROUXEL, Sports dietician and nutritionist

It's logical to adopt a good exercise diet during an event. But it's a lot less frequent to pay attention to your diet during the recovery period. Nevertheless, recovering your energy is a vital for regenerating muscule mass and quickly eliminating fatigue. Here's a selection of OVERSTIM.s recovery products which will help you get rid of traces of exercise quickly.

Just after the event: RECOVERY DRINK :

Through its combination of carbohydrates and proteins, the RECOVERY DRINK taken in the hour after your exercise session rebuilds energy stores and contributes to speeding up muscle regeneration. It's the indispensable complement to "mechanical" recovery gestures.

  • Repairs, for muscle regeneration (lactoserum, caseinates proteins)
  • Rebuilds glycogen stores (carbohydrates)
  • Makes up for mineral loss
  • Absorbs the acidity produced during exercise

During an intensive training period: SPORDEJ + REGEPROT :

  • The combination of SPORDEJ + REGEPROT is particularly efficient for rebuilding energy stores after exercise thanks to the carbohydrates in SPORDEJ, and to make muscle recovery easier through the protein intake provided by REGEPROT.
  • Rich in carbohydrates
  • Rich in proteins for optimal recovery and muscle regeneration (caseinates, lactoserum proteins)

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