Gluten-free Marathon Pack

The strengths of this product :
  • All the products you need for a marathon to reach peak performance
  • Energy programme designed for your marathon
  • With liquid gels: particularly pleasant to use during activity
  • Gluten & lactose-free
  • Includes one 8-gel belt / race bib carrier
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You need to train regularly and maintain suitable diet to prepare for a marathon.

A lot of energy is used during a marathon and up to 1000 kcal/hour may be burned.

This is why OVERSTIM.s, the creator of the gluten-free Marathon Pack, has brought together its most effective products so that you can reach your objective.

If you take the OVERSTIM.s gluten-free Marathon Pack it will prepare you on the days running up to the run, and help you to be at the top of your game during the marathon.


  • Increase your energy reserves with Antioxidant Malto.

    Three days before the marathon, stock up on muscle glycogen, by drinking 150g of Antioxidant Malto every day, diluted in 1.5l of water.

  • Make sure you're in the best possible form at the start of the race by taking an easy-to-digest energy breakfast, Gatosport.

    Take 1/3 to 1/2 a Gatosport up to 1 hr 30 before the start.

  • - Stabilise your glycaemia level while waiting for the start and prevent reactional hypoglycaemia caused by stress with the Pre-Competition Drink.


  • Each time you eat, take an OVERSTIM.s sports gel to give you regular energy and effectively support your muscle activity during the marathon.
  • OVERSTIM.s sports gel provide concentrated energy, vitamins and minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, …) all of which are required while doing a sporting activity, in a very small volume.


The liquid texture of the sports gel makes them particularly pleasant to take during even intense activity, when it is sometimes difficult to consume food.


  • Within 30 min following your marathon, drink 50 cl of OVERSTIM.s warm-up drink in order to restore your energy reserves, contribute to maintaining your muscle mass and compensate for your effort-related mineral salt losses.

Contents of the marathon pack: 1 box of Antioxidant Malto 500 g: €14.2, 1 box of Gatosport: 400 g €11.50, 1 bottle of Pre-Competition Drink 50 cl: €3.1, 2 tubes of Liquid Antioxidant Gel: 2 x €2.2, 4 tubes of Liquid Energix: 4 x €2.1, 2 tubes of Liquid Coup de Fouet: €5.2, , 1 bottle of warm-up drink 50 cl: €3.95, 1 8-gel belt/race bib carrier: €15.9

These products are gluten-free, comply with European regulations (41/2009), and are also lactose-free. OVERSTIM.s is a member of the AFDIAG for its gluten-free range of products.

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