Diet and training just the right balance to cycle better

By Marion ROUXEL, Sports dietician and nutritionist

Many of you wonder about the right way to eat during training. We eat differently before a short training session compared with a long one. Here is some advice to give you a better idea of the foods you should preferably be eating or avoiding, depending on the kind of training you're doing. Follow the guide to train properly…

Short session: do I really have to change what I eat?

Have you planned to go on a short training session? The most important thing is not to consume dairy products (not always well-tolerated by the digestive system) and food with too much fibre, that is too fatty and difficult to digest.

OVERSTIM.s advice

A SPORDEJ meal is ideal before training. SPORDEJ is easy and quick to prepare and can be consumed up to half an hour before exercise, enabling you to approach your session in tip-top form.

Long sessions: what sort of food should I be eating?

We advise against certain types of food the day before, especially those that can causes digestive problems: spicy, acidic, fibre-rich or strong-tasting food... and of course, it is important to stock up carbohydrates in the muscles by eating reasonable quantities of pasta, potato, rice etc.

OVERSTIM.s advice

During the session, the LONG DISTANCE HYDRIXIR drink, taken in regular mouthfuls throughout the training session, and consuming an ANTIOXIDANT GEL every hour, will keep you hydrated and provide the optimum amount of energy.

Several sessions in the same day: what should I eat?

When you do several sessions after each other in the same time, you should not neglect your food intake, because the body needs fuel to recover properly and be ready to work again. Eating during the session will help you to recover better and be able to do several sessions one after the other.

OVERSTIM.s advice

After your training session, the RECOVERY DRINK will speed up muscle recovery and bring your energy levels back up. Drink 50 cl of RECOVERY DRINK just after training.

What should I eat on my days off?

You should eat a balanced and varied diet every day. The breakfast may comprise a hot drink, a cereal product (bread, cereals), a dairy item, a piece of fruit, a little bit of fat (butter, margarine) and possibly jam, sugar, honey… For lunch and dinner, prepare full meals with a starter, a portion of meat, fish or egg, starch and/or vegetables, a dairy product and a piece of fruit. What happens if I have a lapse at the weekend? Don't panic! A balanced diet is calculated over a week and not over a single day.

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