Caffeine and sports practice

By Mathilde Beucher, Sports Dietitian

Caffeine is consumed all over the world and well known for its stimulating properties. It is an interesting help to improve athletes' performance!

Where do we find caffeine?

Various plants are natural sources of caffeine, like coffee beans, tea leafs, cocoa beans, cola nuts, mate, guarana,... Caffeine can also be found in some preparations (soft drinks,... ) and in certain drugs.

Which are the best known effects of caffeine?

Several studies have shown that caffeine, if consumed in moderated quantities, has a positive effect on endurance activities. Caffeine makes the use of fats for energy production easier, preserving thus the body's carbohydrate stocks.

Moreover, caffeine defers the perception threshold of tiredness in sportsmen, allowing them to also defer their personal limits. It promotes vigilance, which may be important in night events and events which require a lot of concentration.

Is there a risk of overdosage?

People who drink a lot of coffee may easily exceed the recommended daily maximum dose of caffeine. This may have contrary effects. Some troubles may appear if you consume more than 6mg/kg/day: insomnia, nervousness, digestive problems,..

Which OVERSTIM.s products contain caffeine?

The energy gels CAFEIN'GEL and RED TONIC Sprint Air contain caffeine from guarana. The quantities contained in each tube are not excessive (it is necessary to consume several tubes to have the same quantity of caffeine as contained in one cup of coffee).

These two gels are recommended for difficult sections during physical exertion, as they contain rapid-release carbohydrates.

Did you know it?

Since 2005, caffeine is no longer a forbidden product in sport. It is now "on watch", which means that it can again be forbidden if an excessive consumption is discovered in controls.

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