Antioxidant gel

The strengths of this product :
  • Contributes to normal muscle function
  • Double action energy : immediate and progressive
  • Neutralizes free radicals
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Physical exertion causes an excess production of free radicals, which can have disastrous effects on performance and cause muscular disruption by disturbing cellular exchange and by accelerating the aging of your cells.

OVERSTIM.s Antioxidant gel neutralizes free radicals and contributes to the proper neuromuscular functioning thus creating a protective action against disruptions of your muscles such as cramps, fatigue etc...

OVERSTIM.s Antioxidant gel is a good support for your muscles during physical exertion by the conjugated action of :

  • Its double-action energy which helps preserve the stores of glycogen and limits risks of hypoglycemia and fatigue.
  • Its antioxidant components (beta carotene, vitamin E) which neutralize free radicals and delay the apparition of fatigue signs.
  • Its minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium) which promote proper muscle contractions.
  • Its B-group vitamins (B1, PP, B6) which promote carbohydrate assimilation.
  • Its natural ingredients which help tone your muscles and optimize muscle contraction.
  • 15 minutes maximum before the start of the effort : take 1 Antioxidant gel.
  • During physical exertion : take 1 Antioxidant gel every 45 min to 1 hour. It is posible to alternate every hour the use of the Antioxidant gel and Energix gel.

Muscular disruptions such as cramps, fatigue, ... are often the result of an inappropriate hydration. By the association of the Antioxidant gel and a regular consumption of OVERSTIM.s energy fluids you will be able to increase your muscle efficiency.


Ingredients: glucose syrups, water, lithothamnium calcareum, concentrated lemon juice, flavouring, sodium and magnesium chloride, zinc gluconate, vitamins PP (niacin), E, B6 and B1 (thiamin).

Red berries
Ingredients: glucose syrups, water, lithothamnium calcareum, flavourings, sodium and magnesium chlorides, concentrated blackcurrant and lemon juices, zinc gluconate, vitamins PP (niacin), E, B6 and B1 (thiamin).

Green apple
Ingredients: glucose syrups, water, lithothamnium calcareum, flavouring, magnesium and sodium chlorides, zinc gluconate, vitamins PP (niacin), E, B6 and B1 (thiamin).

Nutritional analysisFor 100 g *Per 27 g tube *
Energy kcal/kJ299 kcal / 1270 kJ81 kcal / 343 kJ
Fat< 1 g< 1 g
of which saturated fatty acids< 1 g< 1 g
Carbohydrates75 g20 g
of which sugars35 g9,5 g
Proteins< 1 g< 1 g
Salt0.13 g0.035 g
Sodium48 mg13 mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamin)0,4 mg (36%**)0,1 mg (9%**)
Vitamin B60,4 mg (29%**)0,1 mg (7%**)
Vitamin E1,8 mg (15 %**)0,5 mg (4 %**)
Vitamin PP (niacin)3,6 mg (23 %**)1 mg (6 %**)
Calcium190 mg (24%**)51 mg (6%**)
Magnesium60 mg (16 %**)16,2 mg (4 %**)
Zinc2,4 mg (24%**)0,6 mg (6%**)
* = according to flavour
** VNR = nutrient reference value
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